This is intended to be a “knowledge base and users supporting users” site for Qidi Tech 3D printers. The intent in starting this site is to compile the collective knowledge of the folks out there “making” with these printers. Those with little or no experience will be, hopefully, assisted by those who have been at it much longer – the learning curve for 3D printing can be pretty steep. Our intent through this site is to help flatten your climb – and to learn a few things ourselves!

Site features include a Discussion List/Bulletin Board and a Wiki – each is available via the menu to the right. Registration is required for the Forum. You need no registration to read from this Blog (which intent is more or less to serve as a CMS and simply serve up this welcome message…), nor to participate in the Wiki.

The Qidi Users Group is affiliated with Qidi Technologies, Inc. only in that the site’s creator/sponsor uses a Qidi printer, and that those who congregate here also use Qidi printers. Though we are definitely open to a sponsorship (and will let the users know in the event we secure one), this site is currently funded, owned, and operated by a hobbyist .