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QIDI Users Group Knowledge Base Wiki

Welcome! This is where we, as a community of users, are compiling our knowledge of the Qidi printers we know and love! The software driving this is MediaWiki - the same software that drives Wikipedia. If you're familiar with searching and editing on Wikipedia, you will be right at home here. If you're not familiar with Wikipedia, you can find assistance here: MediaWiki Users Help.

There are Wiki pages for each Qidi printer already created. Use the search box (upper right-hand corner)to find them for reference, or to add information. Please share your information, or, if you're not an expert but are searching for information, create a heading under your printer's page for that concept, and someone with more experience may just wander by and flesh it out.

You can also use the search box to find other concepts. If your search pulls up a blank, feel free to use the "create" button that will show up on the bottom of the search results page, and make a page for what you were searching. Again, if you're lucky and living right, some expert may wander on by and start building the page, providing you with the knowledge you seek.

Keep in mind that we will go through and eliminate obvious detritus - we are keeping this as open as we can in order to make it easy for others to share what they know. This is kind of like being a "honey pot" for a lot of bad actors, and we may need to change our open wiki policy if things get out of hand. BE VERY CAUTIOUS when downloading any files linked in a Wiki entry, following any links, or in implementing knowledge gleaned from it. Again, Qidi Technology Inc and The Qidi Users Group; their employees, officers, and volunteers have no responsibility for the content on this site, nor the consequences of using said content.

The following list represents how the Qidi printers are denoted within this wiki.